Payment & Shipping

Ways of payment and shipping

Payment method

Cash on delivery:

Support t-cat home delivery and cash on delivery

Shipping method and cost:

Home delivery and cash on delivery

Free shipping

Home delivery of remote area

300 for shipping fee

Note: The following areas need shipping fee 300

Yilan County-Pinnacle Islands(All), Kaohsiung-Dongsha(All) and Nansha(All), PengHu County-Makung(Hujing island and Tongpan island), Wang'an island(All), Qimei island(All), Baisha(Dacang island, Yuanbei island, WuYu island and Jibei island), Kinmen county-Lieyu island(Dadan island and two gall island), WuQiu(All), Taidong county-Lanyu island(All)

Return and exchange policy

Notes of Returning & Exchange

7 days return period to protect consumer rights

1. Please handle the defective products by returning or exchanging within 7 days,and the sum of refund and shipping fee will be borne by sellers.

2. Please handle the non-defective products by returning or exchanging within 3 days, and the shipping fee shall be borne by the buyers.

3. Keep the original package complete and make sure the product is unused.

Ways of return and exchange


Please be sure to login order message zone to inform us the product that you want to return or exchange. And you should attach consignee, product photo, the reasons for your return and exchange and your delivery address or other return ways.


Exchange / The courier will go to assigned place, sign and change the product.

Return / We support home delivery

1. Taking delivery of goods (needs 2-4 days): The courier will go to assigned place. Pls be sure to attach your payment details in the parcel. We will arrange refund after receiving the parcel.